Saturday, December 27, 2008

Playing games, Jigsaw puzzles, and Fried Pies

Matthew and Alyson left this morning to return to Nashville. It seems like they just arrived and now we are packing their things to send them on their way home. Even a week seems to go in a hurry when you are spending it with those you love. 

Joey and I caught a few after Christmas sales, and are now sitting down to recapture the past fews days events. After all the hustle and bustle of going from house to house eating Christmas dinners we had our traditional Christmas brunch at our house. This year both the Scruggs and Costner's were here. It was a wonderful time.

Since Matthew was a little fellow we always received a jigsaw puzzle as one of the family gifts. This year it was a "glow in the dark" Christmas scene. I must say there is not much glow in the dark to it. But we spent a day and a half putting it together. We also got an electronic monopoly game. Even though it was electronic, Alyson spent most of her time keeping up with everyone's money. 

A highlight was my mother, Waynett, coming over to teach Alyson and me how to make her famous dried apple pies. She and daddy dried the apples picked from a tree in their yard this past summer. Actually, we tricked Matthew into turning the pies for us. We had flour all over the kitchen, Matthew had a few splatter burns. Alyson and I came out with a dusting of flour. The pies turned out great, but the special part was spending time with mama and letting her teach us the art and science of getting the pies just right. Now the art has been passed to two more generations. 

Making memories is what family time is all about. What are some traditions that your family participates in after the Christmas hustle and bustle? We have traditions for other times of the year when we get together. Make your family time one with memories.