Saturday, April 18, 2009

Sprained Ankle, Ibuprofen, and Prayer

This week Joey and I visited Matthew and Alyson. On Thursday morning I went bouncing down the sidewalk to the car to take care of some business and turned my foot. After loosing my shoe and stumbling across the walk, I grabbed my shoe, put it back on, finished the task and went back inside, as if nothing had happened, and hoping that no one had seen my clumsy endeavor. Ever done that before?

We started our day by making a stop at Starbucks for coffee and a muffin. I began to feel a little uncomfortable about the foot. I should have at least changed from my clog heels into my New Balance walkers, but then they wouldn't have looked as sleek with my jean outfit. My foot hurt bad, but I thought, "Ain't no sprained ankle gonna rob me of FUN in NASHVILLE with my son, so I didn't tell anyone what happened, not right then anyway.

Then we rode around East Nashville for a couple of hours looking at property. Matthew spotted a little fish restaurant, Batter'd & Fried Boston Seafood, that he wanted us to try. He parked and I jumped out. WHOoooAh, I could hardly put my weight on my foot and as I got out of the car there was no hiding the fact, I could hardly stand, much less walk. Matthew, said, "What is wrong with you?" I told them, and that is when I got the short lecture from hubby and son as to why old ladies do not wear clog heels. I like heels with jeans, rather,I did like heels and jeans. I must have looked like a drunken sailor hobbling along. I managed to get into the restaurant and sat down as soon as I could. Whew, I made it. Some relief.

After eating, I stood to walk. That didn't work. I had to take the shoes off, rules or no rules (so glad I wore slack socks that day, almost didn't), and I hobbled to the door, barely making it to the end of the sidewalk. Matthew drove the car up and I got in as quickly as a crippled woman could. By then, I wasn't sure if I had a sprain or fracture,so we made a quick trip to the pharmacy for an ice pack, Ibuprofen, and wrap. I elevated my leg and began to assess the damage.

I was in pain, and was not sure if I had broken the foot, but not enough to sit the afternoon in the emergency room at a hospital in Tennessee. I lay down, elevated the leg and foot with the ice pack, covered my head, and shut my eyes, just to rest a little while. It came to me. I had seen a video clip just recently that showed a woman at Jesus feet, touching his garment. Immediately, I began to cry. Matthew, said, "Are you crying mama?" I thought if I could just touch his garment, my foot would be healed. In my heart, I prayed. Then James 5:14 came to my mind and it was as clear as the sky, Is any one of you sick? He should call the elders of the church to pray over ... . Matthew and Joey were to have a part in my healing. This foot thing was bigger than just me. Matthew and Joey were to be instruments of my healing.

But just as quickly as these thoughts passed through my mind, doubt crept in. Another voice said, "You are not going to ask Matthew and Joey to actually pray for your foot are you? How stupid, a foot? Matthew will laugh at you. Of all the things you need to be praying for...a foot???"
Have you ever heard the voice of doubt and disbelief?

I knew that I must quiten that voice so I quickly said to Matthew, "When you have a minute I want you to do something for me." He said, "What?" I said, "I want you and your daddy to pray for my foot to be healed." He did laugh but not in a sarcastic way. It was like he was saying, "Mama, I expected you to do something like this." I immediately felt a sense of calm about my body. Shortly, he and Joey came over and laid their hands on me and prayed for my foot.

We needed to go pick Alyson up from a meeting. So, I got up and started to walk. It was better, ok, it was well, so why was I was still being careful. Matthew was kidding me but he was really speaking truth into my life, when he said, "Walk like you are healed, not like one of little faith." I did, the pain was gone, and I could stand on my foot.

I have prayed for individuals all my life. I expected healing in their lives and healing occured. So why am I still amazed at my foot being healed? Why would a believer not believe that God can heal today? I almost did not ask them to pray for me. What if I had not asked them to pray for me? Do we actually believe in the healing power of Jesus? Do we fail to see individuals healed because we fear asking God to do it? As I reflect on my experience just now, I have asked God to forgive me for my doubt. I thank him for the healing and that he allowed Matthew and Joey to experience it with me. I do serve my God who is also the Healer and Great Physician.

I love the song, One Touch, by Nicole Mullen. We must reach out to Jesus if we want him to work in our life. I hope you will let the message speak into your life.

Are you in need of healing? Jesus can heal you of anything that you are in need to be healed from. Will you reach out and touch God today and allow him to heal you? God heals. Share your story.