Saturday, February 13, 2010

Our "Winter Wonderland"

Let it Snow. Let it Snow. Let it Snow. Some like it. Others do not. Me, I do and always have. I love watching it fall. When the the snow cooperates, wet enough to stick together, I love making snow people, bears, or angels. This time I chose to make a snow angel. She did not turn out exactly like I had planned but then that is not unusual.

Joey and I love watching the squirrels and birds from our sunroom. We have had doves, cardinals, robins, sparrows, and a woodpecker. Here is a crackle and two of the bluejays,  

Love watching the squirrels. 

Joey loves getting out and riding around. Here are some pics in and around Boiling Springs, NC.

Down to visit my parents.

Back home again watching the sun gleam across the yard.

Our neck of the woods, we call "winter wonderland."