Sunday, April 25, 2010

Romans Bible Study

Well, I am launching my first on-line Bible Study. Our Monday night, MY HOUSE @ 6:30, I WANNABE....LIKE JESUS, study has been going on for several weeks now. We did some back to basics the first couple of nights. Now we have started the book of Romans. I will be using my personal blog IWANNABE...LIKE JESUS solely for this study.

It is not to late to join the study. Anyone can join at any time. I hope you will consider the Bible Study.  There are three ways to participate in our Bible Study: 

1) Monday Night, MY HOUSE @ 6:30, Bible Study: If you live nearby and can participate in, MY HOUSE @ 6:30, we would love to have you. My husband and I converted our garage awhile back so we could use it for whatever it needs to Be... a place not only for our car, but for large family gatherings, choir parties, Sunday School events,  Senior Adult outings, scrapbooking, sewing, or whatever it needs to be. So now it is referred to as our women's bible study location. MY HOUSE @ 6:30  (106 Twin Lake Drive). Each meeting we cover as many verses as we can, then we pick up where we left off for the next week.  Participants are given a studysheet to use during the study.  

2) Online Bible Study, Each week I will divide the study into sections and write it as a blog post. The format will be: introductory statement followed by the scripture, lesson, application, and simple prayer.  Keep your own journal and comment or ask questions using the comment section. I will respond to you via the comment section at the end of each blog post.  We are so sorry that you are not able to be with us to dialogue and discuss the truths that we will be discussing, however the Holy Spirit will be there to assist you and speak into your life as you go through these scriptures yourself or with a friend. If you wish to comment or have questions you may comment there, or email me, and I will get back with you. 

3) Powerpoint and/or Studysheet Study If you miss a meeting or would like a copy of the Powerpoint Presentation and/or studysheet you may request it by email and I will send it to you. 

There is only one promise that I can make you, and that is, God's word does not return void. The purpose in our study is not so much that we change our behavior but that God's word will change our whole identity...that we will have the heart and mind of Christ. 

I hope that you let me know if you are following the online study and allow me to add your name to our online study group. You may view others in our group under the the Group Participants tab. I am looking forward to hearing your comments. I prefer you not be an anonymous person. Please sign your name or use a nickname. If you need to talk privately, then you may email me at