Saturday, October 1, 2011

John C. Maxwell: Everyone Communicates - Few Connect, by John C. Maxwell

How well do you communicate? It is interesting how we perceive ourselves isn't it?

Having taught elementary school for 30 years, I would have said that I know all about communicating with people.  However, upon retiring I found myself interacting with adults and began to question my ability to communicate effectively. Before I had not really given much thought to how connecting with people has a direct relationship to how well we communicate. That is when I choose John Maxwell's, Everyone Communicates Few Connect, as my choice from Thomas Nelson's book list. I read it a couple years ago, and found it to be an outstanding book. 

I did not get my review in so I reread the book.  I had underlined the things that stood out as I read the book. Now I have read it twice. Mr Maxwell quotes Dan, "People with charisma possess an outward focus instead of an inward one. They pay attention to other people, and they desire to add value to them." Whether you wish to learn to connect on a personal level or with larger audiences Mr. Maxwell has much to offer.  Not only do you learn about connecting with others you will also learn about yourself. 

Thank you Mr. Maxwell for helping me to think through my connecting skills. And, yes I do think this book has helped me add value to my life. Want to add value to your life, order or pick up a copy today.