Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Fighting Fear: Winning the War at Home by Edie Melson

What fears do you face? Fear can be crippling if you you do not meet it head on, face-to-face. My friend, Edie Melson, in her book, Fighting FearWinning the War at Home  helped me to understand the feelings and emotions felt by the families who have experienced loved ones leaving for war. I will never forget the look of fear on Bethany’s face when she received the call that her husband was leaving the states.  If only I had read Fighting Fear, then I would have known how to comfort her, pray for her, and minister to her in more meaningful and productive ways. However, I could have helped her more by sharing a copy of this book with her.

Edie Melson understands this fear after saying good-by to her son as he left for military, but she also knows Jesus Christ, the one, who was victorious over fear. Her intimate relationship with Him, gave her the courage and strength to face fear.  Through these faith stories, she has inspired me to a closer walk with God. She has also inspired me to find ways to show our military men and women that we appreciate their sacrificial efforts. 

I do not have a military son, so I cannot begin to fully understand the hurt, loneliness, and fear that comes as someone sends their loved one into battle. However, I do have a son, a pastor, who frequently goes into life-threatening situations and I fear for his life. Fear is fear regardless the source; military, police duty, dangerous missions, drugs and/or alcohol, or any other addiction that seems life life threatening. 

I face my own kind of fear. It is true that fear can be our greatest enemy. Regardless the fear, the same prescription can be to diffuse it. Battle is a personal thing. If we are in the midst of battle we must take personal action in order to survive.

What battles do you face. Is fear crippling you or someone you love? Pick up two copies of Fighting Fear, one for yourself, and another to keep on hand to share with that someone who is fighting their adversity.  Everyone needs the strength that comes when entering battle while wearing the armor of God.