Friday, October 26, 2012

A Troubled Nation

Our nation is in trouble.  We have accepted wrong for so long we do not know what right looks like. Political correctness is an attempt to make everyone comfortable with anything that comes around. Right is right and wrong is wrong and we know the difference. I am thankful for God-fearing Preachers across the nation who are bold to preach the Word. We know what is biblically right, but our country has forsaken God. Many of our churches have become Satan's synagogue, with members calling themselves Christian but living by Satan's standards... and if you are a pastor and you are into political correctness over upholding God's Word then shame on you.

At present we have freedom to stand up for Christ and his teachings but most people are willing to sell their souls for their political party or for the sake of being politically correct. We can believe it or not... but we are accountable to God as to how we cast our vote. We either stand for God and his ways or we choose to say and do whatever we choose.  For God's ways or for man's?

I have listened to people all around that think that church/state is separate, that we can worship on Sunday then go out on Monday and act and react as we please. In the sense of one governing the other, then so. But when it comes to a believer you are either for Christ and his teaching, or against him. According to Revelation 2, "Whoever has ears, let them hear what the Spirit says to the churches...The one who is victorious will not be hurt at all by the second death." Do you know what that means?

How much is you soul worth? What is it to gain the world if you lose your own soul? We are told that "to those who endure to the end they will inherit eternal life... while others will die the second death." ??? Second death??? The death that will never stop dying. I have watched people die. Without describing the process, individuals just want to get it over with. It is not easy or pretty. Who in their right mind would want to find themselves in that state of being for an eternity?

If we call ourselves Christian we must be Christ-like when when it comes to voting? Christ wouldn't stand for anything unbiblical as politically correct as it might sound. How will you be found standing/ voting? Don't answer to me. Look God in the eyes and give him the reason you are willing to compromise what you know is right. This is between God and you.

Joey and I voted earlier this week. Christians this is a crucial time. We should be praying and calling on our friends and family to seek God in this matter. Pray that God's will is done in spite of personal interest or gain and that he will bless our country as a result. God bless you and God bless our America.