Thursday, May 2, 2013

The Jesus Mission by Steven K. Scott

My heart and soul cried. I just finished reading, The Jesus Mission, by Steven K. Scott. There have been times, when reading God’s Word, that my soul cried, but I do not recall this ever happening upon reading someone's book. However, the most profound statement in this book, the one that changed my mindset, Scott’s last statement, did just that, as he wrote, “And yet her testimony was so convincing that the Spirit of God opened the men’s hearts and empowered them to believe (278).”

The statement seemed to echo in my heart, “How convincing is your testimony?” As my soul wept, I tried to answer my question as my heart and mind called out a prayer, “Oh God, that my life’s witness and testimony would be one that would cause another to look up to God.” Is this not the heart of Jesus' ministry? With a resounding, “Yes,” we can say that it is our ministry/mission as well. And this is also Scott’s reason for writing, The Jesus Mission.

Scott maintains that many live their lives believing “their destiny is secured by their mere mental agreement with theological statements of doctrine rather than by the beliefs of their heart (27).” How we live our lives is our testimony and witness. Our witness for Christ is not a duty or obligation but is a follower's natural outpouring of God's love manifested in us toward mankind (49, 66). If we want to impact the lives of non-believers, they must see a God who is able to make a difference in how a person lives their lives.

Eternal life is not based on our obedience, our obedience is evidence that we have been born again (51). It is through our obedience that we are motivated to love others and share the gospel of Jesus with them (66). If we are "born again," we will thirst for God's word and a desire to know Jesus more intimately, so that we know the qualities that are to be produced and sustained by this new nature (72). He goes into detail as he talks about the rebirthing process (77), then Scott focuses on the 4 mission's Christ gave to us as believer's (97). 1) Become more intimate with God, 2) Accelerate your personal growth (113), 2) Empower other believer's to better follow Christ, and, 4) Impact the lives of non-believers (145).  He does not present an "all easy life." He indicates that following Christ brings much joy, but there can be setbacks. He encourages the follower but warns them of the roadblocks and detours to following Christ (159). Then he reminds us of the promises of Jesus that makes following Him worth while (179). He spends the remainder of the book answering questions that will help the reader know Jesus in a more intimate way and that will change the way they live their life (193).

Scotts outlines not a new model, but the very ministry that Jesus came to the earth to accomplish. So… why do we need to keep repeating the same message? Because organized church (millions of Christians, only by name not by the life they live) has not grasp it yet.

What is your mission – as a follower of Christ? If you are interested in fulfilling the mission Christ left for you to accomplish, then you will want a copy of The Jesus Mission. This one might be a good one for a reader’s circle, or small group study. Pick up or order your copy today.

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