Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A simple answer is the best

Scripture: Now, Lord, consider their threats and enable your servants to speak your word with great boldness. Acts 4:29

I have spent days writing and editing this blogspot. Isn't it strange that so many times we think we know what we want to say, but when we actually see it in print, it doesn't look or sound the way we intended? Could it be that sometimes we are afraid if we are not politically, culturally, and yes religiously correct we could be persecuted, or just made fun of?

Just this week after a lady poured her heart our to me about all the failures in her life, from childhood abuse from her father and later,spousal abuse, to problems with her teenage children, she said, "I am not a Christian but I pray to God. I couldn't make it without my prayers."

I am usually quite wordy, however, this time I really was not sure what to say. After, saying that I was sorry, my first thought was to respond, as all Christian's would know, "That God does not hear the prayers of those not belonging to him," in other words, "Christians," and proceeded to share the "gospel" with her. Something within me asked, "How would Jesus respond in this circumstance?" I believe he would have said, "Your faith has made you whole."

In reality, she was reaching out to God in belief. I responded, that God would reach to her as she continued to reach for Him and that through these prayers she would one day claim to be a Christian. Since that time I've wondered if my response was "good" enough or if I should have been more bold in my witness. I want to be bold in my witness, but I believe that God leads us to respond in love. The truth is, we have to trust that God will lead us to answer as he chooses, not how we should think we should.

My prayer: "Dear, God, Please be with this lady and continue to wrap your loving arms around her, and may the words from my mouth and meditations from my heart be acceptable in your sight, My God, my strength and my redeemer." In Jesus name, Amen.