Thursday, January 29, 2009

25 Random Things About Me

I am learning Facebook and still have much to learn. I was tagged on FB so I came up with the 25 Random Things About Me to share with 25 others. I though some of you might like to know some things about me that you didn't already know. So here goes.

1. Even though I was a professing Christian for some 54 years of my life...I am now Christian. On Jan. 2008 I was baptised and accepted God as Savior and Lord of my life. For 54 years I had been trying to live for God and was not able to do it. When I surrendered to Him, he made a difference in my life. I serve Him now. NOT PATSY. I serve God daily by living for him and when necessary, when he gives me opportunity I speak for him. I am serving God at my church as Sunday School Director,librarian, and member of adult choir. The other times I spend as a "thorn in the flesh" of my pastor, Shane Kirby. LOL
2.I have been married to Joey Costner for 35 years.He is my best friend, companion, and sweetheart. I never want to see a day that I must live without him.
3. We have one son, Matthew. We are so proud of him, and miss having him close by.
4.We now have a daughter we always wanted, Alyson Drew Elliott Costner.She is a wonderful wife to our son and daughter to us. We are so fortunate.
5. I taught school for 30 years and loved every minute of it. To all my past students...You can do it. To my co-teachers...Hang in there, You can too.
6. I am retired now and am enjoying a life outside of public school teaching. Life is great. There are so many other things to do....
7. I love reading, and do book reviews for Thomas Nelson Publishing. (
8. I love writing and try to keep my blog up-to-date. Check it out.
9. During the summer, I garden. I "can" everything possible from applebutter, fruits and vegetables, to pickles and relishes.
10. Rainy and Snowy days are reserved for Jigsaw puzzles. I choose those that would be suitable for framing. My extended family usually gets involved. Seasonal ones decorate my house throughout the year. Some have been signed and given as gifts.
11. I love the outdoors. Most sunny days you will find me working in my yard in the flower gardens.
12. I still teach whenever there is an opportunity. This past fall I taught a series of classes at our church on "What I Believe." Would love to teach it to a ladies, or prayer group.
13. I love spending time with God. Since I have retired I am able to spend more time reading and studying.
14. I love shopping, shopping, and shopping. Could be a shopping Queen. I do not have to buy, just shop.
15. I love all kinds of food. Not many things I have not tried, thanks to my son. I particularily love sushi, sardines, mexican dishes, chinese dishes, watermelon, and smoked turkey legs.
16. I love the Cleveland County Fair especially the Demolitian Derby. Once my name was printed on one of the cars in Giant letters. I eat roasted corn and turkey legs at the fair. LOL
17. I am a member of the Ruby Hunt YMCA. I love going. Thanks to all my friends that have encouraged me along the way.
18. I love sewing. I make my own window treatments, bedskirts, pillow shams, and dinner napkins. I also make napkin rings. Have won ribbons at the Cleveland County Fair for them. I have made three quilts from piecing to hand quilting. Joey made me a large quilting frame. My dad built me a baby quilt frame.
19. I am a "has been" bee keeper. Maybe later. It takes more time than I wanted to give. Also after harvesting the honey the second year, I had honey everywhere.
20. I cannot dance or roller skate or ski. I do not have enough of what-ever-it-takes. But I do love music. I feel the music, my body just does not cooperate with me. LOL
21. I have always had an OPINION. Probably too much, please do not hold this against me. While I do have an opinion and generally express myself freely, I can agree to let you disagree with me.
22. I love my Mac. Joey would say I love it better than him. Not true. But I do enjoy networking on FaceBook, Blogger, and Email when necessary.
23. I do not like to open my e-mail and have 10 forwards without any message from the sender, and I detest those fowards that you must respond to if you love God.
23. I enjoy our getaway vacations, even though they are few and far between. (Destin, Florida; Pigeon Forge and Nashville, TN; Kure Beach and Myrtle Beach, NC)
24. I said I would NEVER have a house dog. Don't say never. We had a poodle, Maggie, and then adopted Matthew's dog, Toby. Noel, Beth, Catherine, and Thomas Manning adopted our Maggie when it was too much to keep the two dogs together. Thanks to the Mannings. Toby is MY dog. He is under my feet all day, when he is not sleeping.

25. Well, if I haven't told you enough. Post me a question. I am boring myself.

If you are on FaceBook and not listed as my friend, I would love to confirm you as my friend. But consider yourself tagged, and send me 25 things about yourself. I want to know about you. Have a great day.