Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Our President Obama

Did you vote for Obama?
That is personal I know. But whether you did or did not and for whatever reason, He is our President. I watched all the activities yesterday. It was truely a fairy tale come true. I watched as Americans as well as other countries cheered and welcomed him to his new office.

Will he be able to fullfill all the promises he made? I do believe he will sacrifice of himself, family, and energy to do his best. We take this responsibility so lightly. We are so quick to say what we would do in certain circumstances. The reality is that we will never quite know just what an awesome task it is to fill his shoes. Go back and look at the pictures of men as they entered the office of our president and see how they have aged as they leave office. Sacrifice it is. I heard one news commentator say this morning that very early the light in the bedroom of the Obama's came on. Can you imagine, every move you make is being watched even the personal time of turning on or off the light in your bedroom? Then they proceeded to assume what he was doing. Give him a break.

I am so proud for President Obama and his family, and how this event does indeed reflect how our country has put aside some of its differences. It is not just the rich and famous that can move into such an prestigeous position, to that I am thankful. I quickly thought about Princess Di, (from teacher to Princess). Our country has always talked about American dreams but we experienced it here yesterday.

I hope that all Americans will embrace this man and pray for him daily. To pray for wisdom, and strength from above that only God can give. To pray for safety for he and his family as they try to live a normal life in circumstances that are not so normal. To pray that our leaders will join him to correct some of the problems that were created when they would not work together. No man alone can correct a nations ills. But together by the grace of God, "we can."

I believe that if we Christians would humble themselves and pray, God would heal our land. We are in need of healing. I believe that Pastor Rick Warren prayed for this kind of healing for America. If you did not hear his prayer of if you want to join he and I in praying for our country, then please click on the video clip below.

While our country is becoming more inclusive of differences there is one area that we are not being able to express our freedom, and that is in the area of religion. President Obama is already getting critized for asking Dr. Warren to participate in the event. Warren is already getting critized for praying in Jesus name. We must pray for our country and its leaders.