Friday, January 9, 2009

What's Age Got to do With It? by Robin Mcgraw

I just received another book from Thomas Nelson for review. When I saw a beautiful woman on the cover with the question, "What's AGE Got to Do With It?" I thought, "Yeah, you can say that, you're still in your prime." Then I noticed her sitting on the number 55. My eyes widened and my ears perked up. I was ready to listen to what this lady had to say.

It is so refreshing when you meet a person that is right where you are. So many women my age let their bodies go long time ago. I know that a lot of water has passed under the bridge, and no I have not been 118 pounds and cannot fit into the dress I wore when I dated my husband, but I feel the best in my skin than I have ever felt. Having retired from 30 years teaching I am now able to actually read the things I want to read, sit as long in my PJ's and sip my coffee, time and energy to work out at YMCA, clean my own house, and do some of the things I want to do. There are times I actually feel guilty when I take time to do things for myself.

Robin McGraw does not suggest being happy and healthy as an effortless lifestyle. What she does say is that a woman has a choice. Her attitude and choices about health, fitness, spirituality, appearance has everything to do with growing gracefully. I haven't finished the book but am ready to hear from her and the team of professional who have helped her.

Go look in the mirror. If your husband were looking for a date, would he ask you out. Have you let yourself go over the years. It's not too late. Get up, go and purchase, What's Age Got To Do With It? Let Robin help you put that young girl back in your life. And by the way. You men out there...Don't forget to respond as you see the changes.

Share some of your own secrets or tips that you have found helpful in staying young.