Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A Battle Rages Within Us: Two Wolves

I was just reading my son's sermon for this week. He was discussing "submission." Don't run away...hear us out. Submission has to do with self denial. Mark 8:34 says, "If anyone would come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross and follow me." 

According to Pastor Matthew, when we die to self we are then able to be submissive in all areas of our lives. According to him, submission looks like this: 
(1) To the triune God – We surrender our body, mind, and spirit in the hands of God to do with us as He pleases!
(2) To the Scripture – We yield ourselves to hear the word, to receive the word, and then to obey the word! Even if we don’t like what it says, we must submit!
(3) To our family – We submit to listen to the people in our family so we can look out for their interest – not necessarily our own.
(4) To our neighbors and those we meet in the course of our daily lives – If they need help, then we help them.
(5) To other believers, the body of Christ – We step up to opportunities of service within our church family that needs to be filled.
(6) To the broken and despised – we help the “orphans and widows,” we discover ways to identify with the downtrodden and the rejected.
(7) To the world – We cannot live in isolation. Our act of submission is a determination to live as a responsible member of an increasingly irresponsible world.

A friend sent me a story told by a Cherokee grandfather to his grandson, Two Wolves. As soon as I saw this video, I thought of this sermon. Why do we battle with all junk in our lives. Why is there a battle at all for we know what we must do. I believe that this Cherokee grandfather has the answer to how we get rid of the enemy that fights within us, to hold on to self interest.

I find that while I want to get deny my self desires, I have never truely starved them. I wind up sneaking some food under the table to keep them alive. How about you? Do you continue to wrestle with self desires? It is only through Jesus Christ that we are able to deny ourselves and live the  victorious life that God so intended us to live.