Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Free Book

I have just finished reading Free Book by Brian Tome. (Title is Free Book, this is not a "free" book.) It is one of the most refreshing books that I have read lately. It is not your typical christian life / spiritual growth books. The problem with many writers is that they have never experienced freedom. They have the head/book knowledge concerning freedom but they have never experienced freedom. You can read their books, think about them, and lay them down, then pick up another one and feel pretty good about where you are in your Christian walk.
Not so with this one, for  it is obvious that Brian Tome has experienced true freedom in Christ. Brian Tome is a modern day Paul. He is brutally bold about our freedom in Christ. Some of his boldness might cause some traditional church goers to raise their brows, or even cost a modern day pastor his pulpit, but thank God for freedom of the press. If you are serious about breaking the chains that you, culture, or yes even the church has bound you with, so that you can experience the joyous life that God has called you to live, then dare to read this book. You cannot read this book without wanting to take whatever risk is needed (getting rid of some old ways, breaking out of the box, coming out of your comfort zone) to experience the life of freedom that Christ intended you to have. Quick, order this book and get started on your journey to freedom in Christ.
There is also "Free Guide" a companion to the book, which I did not know about earlier. I would recommend it. I am going to use this book and companion for a small group study.