Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Great Eight: How to be Happy

Does your life radiate joy or happiness? Generally, happiness is on the surface and dependent on one's circumstances. But true happiness, is dependent upon one's belief system and their outlook in life. How do we find that kind of happiness when so many circumstances in life seem to rob us of that it? There are just times that we are so bogged down that any happiness seems impossible. If you are there or know someone that is there, you must meet Scott Hamilton.
I know, many of you out there will remember Scott Hamilton and his Gold Medalist, Olympic skater career, but if you read his book, The Great Eight; How to Be Happy, you will see another side of him. .  He believes that it is through other's trials and experiences in life that we learn to face our own. Therefore, he chose to share with you the very intimate part of his life, struggle with cancer and brain tumor, that you might be able like him to move above your circumstances. Rather than allowing his circumstances to make him bitter in life, he chose to rely on his faith to make life better. In his own words he says, "I have learned how to be content and happy no matter what is thrown my way." I too have applied his thinking to my life, and yes my faith also has helped me to look at life differently. 
I do not for a minute promise that this book will be a quick fix for happiness in your life but I do know that as you begin the process of digesting this book you will have a different take on life. Maybe you have not had a great crisis in your life but let me ask you a question. When your friends see you are they asking, "Girl, what secret are you keeping from me, you are glowing?" because you are so full of joy, or do they pull you aside and say, "Honey, I see sadness written all over you, maybe I can help?" It's not too late for you or a friend. Go to the buy link above and purchase "The Great Eight" and let Scott help you find true happiness.
Share some of your own secrets or tips that you have found helpful in helping you keep optimistic about life.