Tuesday, March 9, 2010


I met Patsy Clairmont at a Women of Faith conference. She is dynamite. Amaging what can come out of such a "little woman." I can say the same thing for this little book. Actually, this is not the kind of book I usually pick up. I am not so much into wit and humor, but I love Kaleidoscopes, and we share the same name. But, was I surprised? Just as the pebbles, beads, or glass, breaks the light to produce different designs in a Kaleidoscope, Clairmont does the same thing as she takes bits of truth from the scriptures and shines a whole new light on reading, believing and applying the Proverbs in our everyday lives.

Mrs. Clairmont you have done it again. Thank you for sharing your life and journey with us. As Clairmont stated, "We do not have a clue how our tomorrow will be bagged for or where our paths will take us but we will have the opportunity to influence those around us." This book has given me some new points to ponder.

This book would make a great birthday or Secret Sister gift. for it is a fun easy to read and digest book.