Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Has life been a bed of roses? Have you ever felt like Job? You are trying to walk the Christian walk and it seems like you are drowning in the world of circumstances while everyone else is floating around on wealth, health, and happiness, offering you no words or arms of encouragement?
Romans 1:5 Through him and for his name's sake, we received grace and apostleship to call people from among all the Gentiles to the obedience that comes from faith.

The more I talk with people I find that life is no “happily ever after” situation. If you are alive and living, life gets hard, inspite of the prosperity messages, that if you are a Christian you will experience all the good things that life offers. I have given my life seeking God and yet I do feel like Job at times. Not only do I question my own faith, or lack of faith but I wrestle with God at times. I must say that He always wins, and I wind up learning a little more about him. I must say that situations and circumstances have always kept us looking to God for answers. Twice God brought my husband through two serious operations, an acoustic aroma, and triple bypass surgery. Then more recently, like last week, I was concerned with how God was going to orchestrate in my son and daughter-n-law’s lives as the Nashville flood "seemed" to be coming in all around them. When I pray, it is easy to ask God to respond as we see and want things to turn our, but harder as we pray, “God please protect them as you orchestrate your will in their lives.” It is so hard to actually release ourselves and those we love to His will and purpose.

That is where faith comes in. God is still working in my family to teach me that, faith is not trusting God to answer as I want Him to, but trusting Him to orchestrate His will in our lives regardless of the outcome. You know the sad thing is that during my hard times, were only been two individuals that took me to the scriptures and reminded me of this truth. As, I reflect, I thank God for Matthew and Mary who took me back and reminded me of the Creator, and Prince of Peace.
I thank God for voices of encouragement during hard times. We must learn to place our faith in the God who is faithful. We have been talking about our belief system. I am so glad that my faith resides on the strength and power of God Almighty and not within my own strength.

  1. In whom does your faith reside?
  2. We have no strength within ourselves, but God is all powerful. Then why do we find it so difficult to surrender ourselves into his care?
  3. Faith cannot be a verbal belief, just saying that you are Christian. Does your life reflect a trust in Jesus, and if so what are some evidences of your obedience to faith?
  4. Our faith encourages other people and they will draw strength and encouragement from it. How do you encourage and strengthen other people?
  5.   How often do you pray for others in the church, missionaries, friends, or neighbors? Do you feel an obligation to reach all people with the gospel?

Dear Father, Thank you so much that can rest my faith in you. Help me to demonstrate my faith in you that others may draw strength and encouragement from it. Thank you, for those individuals that you have brought into my life that have encouraged me through the years. Bless them for their obedience. Fill me with a desire to reach all people for your kingdom. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.