Monday, May 3, 2010


We spend most of our lives trying to be like others. We want to fit in, to be apart of the group, to be included. We do not really want to be set apart do we? If we did not care we would not spent billions of dollars a year to make sure we are looking like the "Jones."

Romans 1:1. Paul, ….. set apart for the gospel of  God—

We most often think of being separated "from" something. We separate the sick from the well, bad fruit from the good, the criminals from law abiding citizens, etc. We we think about being separated from "the" group, is not a "good" feeling is it? We want to be picked don't we. We want to be invited don't we? 

Paul says in this scripture that we are not set apart "from" but "to" or "for" something. Now that is better isn't it. We do like being chosen for something. Paul tells us that Christians are separated for the gospel of God. To be separated to something is like a husband/bride relationship. No longer do these two living their lives in singleness but as one. Everything comes to the marriage based on what is good for the marriage. A husband/bride is separated unto each other for the fulfillment of the marriage contract. 

Paul said, I am a servant, I am sent out, and everything I do is for the gospel of God. As a Christian, we will be different for we are set apart to be different and for the purpose of spreading the Gospel of God." Some individuals spend their lives wanting to be "chosen." So we go about doing a little of everything to try to find our place so that we do not look different from others. However, when we know who we belong to and that we are on God's team we can be set apart, different. God has a team that surpasses any other team that we could be a part of called the "kingdom" team, or the "church." Christ thinks we are so special he calls us his "bride." We are set apart unto Him. Let us live as one set apart for Him. 
  1. Do you recognize how special you are to God and his son, Jesus? 
  2. Did you realize that in accepting Jesus, not only are you accepting him as Savior but Lord of your life? You are marrying Jesus. You are His now, not the worlds and he has set you apart?
  3. Are you living a life of purity for your husband, Christ, or do you slip into adultery and live like the world when you think no one knows?  
  4. What changes do you need to make in your life so that you would make Jesus attractive to the world?
  5. Do you live for Jesus on Sunday but for the devil through the week?

Dear Father, search me and know my heart. Give me your eyes that I may see myself as you and the world sees me. Help me to be true to you to stop trying to hold on to the world and to you. Help me to have an intimate relationship with you so that as the world looks on they will know that I am yours and yours alone. In Jesus name, I pray, Amen.