Sunday, November 27, 2011

A Year With Jesus by, R.P. Nettelhorst

A Book Review:
A Year with Jesus, by R.P. Nettelhorst

What Would Jesus Do? Before we can answer the question we have to know Jesus. The sad reality is that many people wear these bracelets and t-shirts, post stickers on their cars, and yet they have no clue as to how Jesus would answer in any given situation.

We base what we know about Jesus on what we have heard and not on what we know. To know Jesus we must spend time with him. R. P. Nettelhorst suggest, A Year with Jesus. He has done a remarkable work in putting this devotional together. This book caught my interest because I do not usually focus on Jesus words. Not that it does not matter, I just believe that all the Bible is God breathed. However, he impressed on me the idea that if I want to know Jesus I need to know and reflect on His words.

Recently I went on a spiritual retreat and has an absolute wonderful time focusing on my relation with Jesus.  Upon my return, my husband and I wanted to began a family devotional time together.  We have tried with many failures to study together, we start out strong then fizzle out.  Then this book came in the mail.  Two things stand out about this book of devotions. 1) The themes are so relevant; from love/hate, truth/lies, arrogance/humility... to life and death. 2) It is Jesus actual words. What better way to pursue Jesus than to spend 365 days studying his words. Think about the impact upon your life of staying in the word for the next year.

If you are struggling with a devotional for the coming year, get a copy of A Year with Jesus,  and an extra one for a friend for Christmas, birthday, or any other special day.  More that just checking off that you have done your devotional for the day you will have spent time with Jesus, if you will, in the presence of Jesus. The days are not dated so it can be started any day of the year.

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