Monday, February 13, 2012

A Call to Die by David Nasser

We arrived in time to unpack, go to dinner, then to the conference, 2008 X-Fuge for Missions. I must say that my husband and I (age 60 and 54) were somewhat apprehensive about the trip. That is until the worship team, Spur58, led by Aaron Ivey began to challenged us to "wake up" in our walk with Jesus.

Then a small, barefoot man, David Nasser, wearing jeans and t-shirt, moved quickly to the front of the audience. He wasted no time moving us to the edge of our seats. There was no passing notes or playing on cell phones. The youth sat spell bound taking in everything that was said.  I had never heard such a dynamic speaker.

David not only knows about God, more importantly he knows God. As he entered the conference hall, the Holy Spirit came with him. His delivery and message is clear and concise. You might even say the message he preaches is "sharper than a two edged sword," for learning to die to self is not an easy task. Every chapter is power packed as he leads you in scripture lessons, that include memorizing scripture, application, and then journaling what God is calling you to do.

I purchased his book, A Call to Die: A 40 Day Journey of Fasting from the World & Feasting on God. This book is not a 2 day read. His focus is not about reading and finishing a 40 day journey. It is about leading you into 40 days where you will move from knowing about Jesus to knowing what it takes to Follow Jesus. His message in the book is as bold as his preaching.

Boot-camp is a term used to represent the hard work and discipline it takes to change your "identity"  whether militarily, weight loss, or... in following Christ. This book is a spiritual boot-camp. I challenge you to join Nasser in this 40 days journey. He says, "do not focus on changing your behavior, but more importantly, focus on letting Jesus change your identity." Jesus has changed my life. Order your book today.

The book is quite expensive, but if you look you can get a used one. I purchased mine at the conference so I did not pay the full cost, but I will say that knowing the long term value that it will have on my life, it would be worth it. This is one book on my bookshelf that I am still using as a reference book.

After you have read it, let me know what you think.