Saturday, December 14, 2013

Wait! Don't Respond too Quickly

Struggle: What happened to the fast-acting miracles?  Christians are told to "ask and it shall be given," aren't we? So… if we are asking for "good things" then why does God not immediately gratify our desires? Is it lack of faith, a problem with our prayers, or a "No" from God?

Truth: "But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you." Matthew 6:33 

Truth Encounter: I remember going to the doctor years ago and getting an injection of something I called the miracle drug. By the time I picked up the other prescriptions at the "drug store" I would be feeling better. Now they say, give it a week and you will be better. Not so long ago, I made an appointment at my medical center. I saw Nancy, the PA on call, told her my problems, picked up my prescription and a week later I called and asked to see my doctor, hoping he would give me some fast-action potion. The PA saw me in the hall, and asked, "Patsy, How are you doing?" I told her, the medication she gave me wasn't working. She answered, "Go home and do what I told you, and give it time." Well that's just like, Nancy. She is good at what she does, she knows it, and if you give her time she will deliver."

I admit that if I do not get immediate results, I too quickly take things into our own hands to try and make "it" happen. This is true in everyone's life. The world system programs us to expect immediate response. We also follow the same pursuit in our spiritual life. We are told that we can ask anything and it will be given. We have read story after story where God responded immediately to an individuals needs. So why shouldn't we expect those miracles in our lives.

I believe the reason we do not always receive immediate responses from God is that we do not truly seek his will for our lives, we only seek help in time of our desperate needs. We are told to "seek God first." He is our counselor, our great physician, and the provider of all good things. God promised the children of Israel that if they would follow Him he would provide for them. However, we know that as they moved toward the Promise Land, they soon forgot how he had provided for them. In their unthankfulness and impatience they began murmuring and whining about their provisions, and ultimately, many were kept from seeing the promised land. 

We want the "right"spouse, job, house, etc., so we pray or ask others to pray for us in hope that God will answer our prayer for that need. But if God does not give immediate gratification as soon as the amen rolls across our lips, we take things into our own hands.

I believe the biggest hinderance in our lives is not in our seeking God, but, in our waiting on him to answer. We must allow him time to work it out in our lives. God still performs miracles and I have experienced some specific ones in my life. While God answers prayer he is more concerned in teaching us to trust him. He love us and wants us to have "good things." Matthew 8:28 tells us that God works everything to the good of those who love God. Instead of trusting God for his best, we see his answer as a "No" so we decide to take matters into our own hands. 

Right now there are some opportunities that are out there for my family as well as in my personal life. It is not easy to wait. In fact, I daily fight the urge to to run ahead of God. I am learning to exercise James 5:7 in my spiritual walk. Submit to God and Resisting Satan's temptation to run ahead of God is the best way to exercise our trust in God to deal with and provide our needs.

What is your greatest need? Have you truly sought God? Are you fighting the temptation to run ahead of God to supply your on desires or need? Don't respond too quickly… give God time to work it out. Share your thoughts on waiting on God.

On the other hand, many times God has given us answers and we do not act based on his answer. How do you know that you have received God's answer? My future posts will come from comments that I receive from my readers.

Prayer: "Father, I know you have a plan for my family and for me. May your Holy Spirit continually draw us to you, and that we keep our focus on you.  Help us to exercise patience in our life, to give you time to give us those "good things" that you have in store for us. In Jesus name, Amen."