Saturday, January 4, 2014

Unfinished by Steven K Scott

Jesus came to this earth to fulfill the work His Father sent him to do. When Jesus left his Followers he gave them an assignment. Steven K Scott challenges us in Unfinished to the four callings from Jesus that empowers and completes our purpose here on earth.

I blog for free books for Waterbrook Multnomah. This past time I choose Unfinished by Steven K Scott. Interestingly, over the past weeks prior to receiving the book I had been experiencing a down time in my life. My life was filled with jealously, anger and hurt over some situations, and a shadow of depression had come over me. I was in route to the hospital and knew I would be in the waiting room awhile so I grabbed this book, to get it read. I began reading and could not lay it down. The Holy Spirit began to convict me that for me to fulfill the calling that I so desired that there was something that I had not done that Christ was calling me to do, "take up your cross and loose your life for his name sake" (21). Steeped in self pity I read Scotts words, "When you realize you have no rights and you loose your expectations. Self-directed expectations and entitlement mentality are the enemies of happiness (22). He went on to say, "by dying to yourself and your rights you enter into an intimacy with our Savior that provides joy that is not dependent on people or circumstances" (22). Then he reminds us of Matthew 11:28 "Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened and I will give you rest." This was so freeing to me.

He sets out to tell us 1) the calling, 2) how to fulfill the calling.

The first calling is to become more intimate with God (8) by obeying the teaching of his word (9). As we focus on this assignment we will fear God (11), seek Him first (13), follow Jesus (18), accept his yoke (23), ask the Lord to send labors (24), and be on alert to serve (25).

The second gift is to accelerate your Christian growth (27). Our success with ministering to others is determined by our spiritual growth (29). Jesus calls us to set ourself apart for God's possession (29), pursue righteousness (33), come to Him (35), learn from Him (35), live in the present (47), and overcome to the end (49).

The third gift is to empower other believers (53). Jesus call us to feed his sheep (55), strengthen your brothers and sisters (59), teach others to obey everything Christ commanded (60).

The fourth gift is to impact the lives of nonbelievers (63). Jesus calls us to reach out now (65), open your eyes to the white fields (66), get involved in sowing and reaping (67),  bear fruit (69), be his witness (70), preach the gospel (72), preach repentance and forgiveness of sin (73), speak in daylight what God told you at night (75), be the salt of the earth (77) and, be the light of the world (78).
Scott, explains that there are many deadly detours, roadblocks, and traps to following Christ (82). He list pride (83), self-righteousness (85), religious activity and tradition (90), wealth (93), misplaced values (96), and procrastination (100) as the six greatest obstacles to following Christ. However as we fact these obstacles Christ has promised us he will provide a foundation that will withstand all storms life can throw at us (106). However, he reminds us that most of Christ's promises are conditional to a person obeying particular commands (106).