Saturday, March 13, 2010

Been Burned?

Have you been "burned" before? Maybe that is a southern term used when we feel a  friend, spouse, coworker, neighbor, salesman, etc. betrayed the trust we placed in them. A person asked me a while back, "But how can I trust, I have been burned so many times,  how do I know they will not betray me?" My only reply could be, "You trust until "they" betray that trust, or they trust you until you give them reason to not trust." A hard fact, but if you live in the world long enough you will experience a time that trust has been betrayed.

What about God? Do you trust God? Would God betray us? Can we absolutely trust God? I mean, I say I believe, and that I trust God, but when I hear God speaking into my life, I sometimes am afraid to get out of my comfort zone, to risk life, or to take a chance, that if he is speaking he will give me what I need to do the job. Sometimes His ways just do not SEEM to make sense. Have you ever felt that God was telling you to do something and it just did not seem like the rational thing to do? You might be thinking, "No good Christian would question God would they?" That would mean they do not trust Him or their faith is weak. Is that not how we respond to those who question God? 

Even the prophet Jeremiah wrestled with God. While in prison God told him to buy land in a war zone area where the enemy had already captured the land. Would you think that a good business deal? Probably not. Trusting God with all his heart, Jeremiah bought the land, but in his heart, he was not settled that God had led him to do a good thing. Get real, he trusted God, and he was still in prison. Ever been there? You: gave money you didn't have, quit the job you needed for financial reasons, spoke truth and lost a friend, stared a project that didn't jump off the ground, joined the army and get injured or see friends die, etc?  Why God? Why is it this way when I am trying to put my faith in you, trusting you to open the door and the door is not opening. So did God betray you? (Hey, God, I am still over here?)

Just because we cannot see God at work does not mean he is not at work. We want God to act and react, open doors as we want them to and not as He has it planned. Do we have to just sit and not respond. An emphatic, NO. As you walk, you will have questions which some would look at as lack of faith, but God said, "Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know." God want us to have such a relationship with him that we will dialogue with him, for as we ask questions he is able to teach us. 

Have you failed to trust God because you doubted the strength of your faith or because you doubted his ability to perform? Either way, just remember that Christ said, the faith of a little mustard seed can move a mountain. It is not in the power of our faith that we see results, but in power of the one to whom we pray, base our faith, and place our trust, Because He is Able and Faithful to accomplish in and through us, all He wants us to be.

God says when we ask he gives us answers. Are you at a time that you thought he might have let you wrong? Maybe you have questioned your own faith because you haven't received quick answers. How do you interpret, faith of a mustard seed.