Thursday, June 3, 2010

Hearing God's Voice

Can you really hear God's voice? I can and do. So often I hear someone say, How do we know it is God's voice?


Romans 1:6 And you also are among those who are called…”
John 10:27 My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me.

I have mitral valve prolapse. When I get all wrapped up in life and allow circumstances, situations, worry and fatigue to get the best of me it affects the normal work of my mitral valve. When this happens, I suffer symptoms: severe tightness of chest, weakness, pain in jaw and teeth, etc. My cardiologist prescribed a beta blocker to slow down my pace to prevent me from "over doing it." 

However, I prefer preventive medicine over prescribed medications. So....Early on I decided to listen to the voice of my body. By doing this I am able to control the things that trigger the symptoms related to this problem, therefore, I do not have to take the medications. Just as we learn to listen to our body we can learn to recognize the voice of God. 

God speaks to us:

  • Through the written Word, (Bible).
  • Through the Holy Spirit living within us. 
  • Through other individuals under the influence of the Holy Spirit. (words,   music, testimony, witness, etc.) 
  • Through experiences and circumstances.
  • Through His creation creations. 


  1. How does God speak to you?
  2. Are you able to discern God's voice from other voices? How?
  3. As we learn to hear Gods voice we should ask for discernment. I have met individuals that seemed to say that God told them things that appeared to be self-promoting.
  4. When discerning God will, always know that it will not contradict His Word. 
Dear Father, teach me to hear your voice. Make my senses sensitive to you that I may be so in-touch with you that I not only hear you in every way but am obedient to your call. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.